The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2830 (1st March 2015)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Winning hit makes one cheerful (6)
5.Fortune in part of church, left hidden (6)
8.Fancy one state employing sorcerers (11)
11.Compiler, one accepting wagers (9)
12.Handy, old circuit breaker (2,3)
13.Operation seen in a new light, on a body of water away from land (4,3)
14.Here's a gift (7)
15.At home, language reportedly under control (2,5)
17.Isaac's father, in a bar, upset poor actor (7)
20.Decorative headband held by Portia (rarity) (5)
21.A report inside station for important person's attendant (9)
22.Shows unfortunate American characteristics, we hear (11)
23.Plucky fellow is yet to be beaten (6)
24.Fair bumper? (6)

2.This is likely to cause trouble, his deacon unfortunately being arrested by constabulary (8,7)
3.Problems are mounting for Dutch scholar (7)
4.Fine king taken over reservoir, a source of solution to problems? (5,4)
5.Seat I must sit in daily (5)
6.Fatty, a pickpocket, got up right away (7)
7.Around 12 noon inside, the children make a situation more complicated (7,3,5)
9.The Bronx's river (4)
10.Band's hit (4)
14.Slated rep, awfully drunk (9)
15.Greek character volunteers to track one of Jupiter's moons (4)
16.Facilitates distribution of beans the French imported (7)
18.Told about tardy daughter (7)
19.Appearance of one captured by soldiers (4)
21.Impertinent reply about steamship (5)
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