Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (1st November 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Substance? Cover it in sauce (8)
5.Pain shown by saint with restless desire (6)
10.Back in prison, amoral type (5)
11.Demolition of cannon due to be reported (9)
12.State view, following notes, right away (9)
13.Completely cold and thin (5)
14.Demanding push to create space for emergency stops (4,8)
18.In a maul, being knocked about beyond belief (12)
21.Lead attack filled with energy (5)
22.Determined airman, one in number over America (9)
24.Wretched rat caught by a large superior bird (9)
25.Perfect island, compact (5)
26.Comfort thus given by fabric (6)
27.Very bad rage, beset by utter brutality (8)

1.Elastic cut during second attempt (8)
2.Worthy arrangement of family run without force (8)
3.Fool about, getting covered by mound of sand (5)
4.Change technique, climbing with son for miles in country (14)
6.New companion admitted to proper working club (9)
7.Heart in aromatic kernel (6)
8.Keeping quiet about severe defeat (6)
9.Complicated lines gain title for eggheads (14)
15.Fake jewellery's ending in battered tin chest (9)
16.Old one, team's leader, held in honour (8)
17.Treacherous? Yes, we all converted (8)
19.Article on boat going north and south continually (6)
20.Caper, risky venture by the sound of it (6)
23.Land identified by mate (5)
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