The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2767 (1st December 2013) (Fillable and with solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE (For solution, click here)

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1.Comic jokes about heading for Paris, a capital city (6)
4.Behave flamboyantly in musical (8)
9.Dull day back at yard (6)
10.Forefather? No trace, unfortunately, around the south (8)
11.Cold? Olivier prepared a vitamin supplement (3-5,3)
14.Demure maiden I married (3
15.Old-fashioned, for a newspaper (6,3,5)
17.Authority quickly shown after suspension of early business meeting? (5,9)
21.Fish in the Elbe (3)
22.A new US state formed? That could be extremely good (5,2,1,3)
23.Find out about record surplus (8)
25.Trouble with crew (6)
26.Set off from college in time (8)
27.Underwear from shopping complex on board ship (6)

1.Win over extremely sensible leader (6)
2.Finished straight behind (7)
3.Ornamental pots and widemouthed container with reeds in, I suspect (11)
5.Worker working with courage, honestly (4,2,5)
6.Had on? Runs off in misery (3)
7.Prefer mother to bring one in the very best (7)
8.Dessert - it is a rum concoction (8)
12.Soldiers in on desert manoeuvres, getting green light (11)
13.Released pent-up emotions, then forgave silly mates (3,3,5)
16.Marvellous spindle carved by daughter (8)
18.Shaft prepared, strongly built (4-3)
19.Country girl seen weaving ahead (7)
20.Briefly declare American position (6)
24.Admit dress is topless (3)
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Created at 08.30 hrs IST on 1st December 2013

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SOLUTION- Across - 1 SKOPJ-E 4 SHOW-BOAT 9 D-REAR-Y 10 ANCE-S-TOR 11 COD-LIVER-OIL 14 M-I-M (British Dialect meaning primly modest or demure.-Google) 15 BEHIND THE TIMES 17 POWER BREAK-FAST 21 EEL 22 SWEET AS A NUT 23 DISC-OVER 25 WEIGHT 26 D-ETON-ATE 27 S-MALL-S Down - 1 SE-DUCE 2 OVER-DUE 3 JAR-DINIERES (Jardiniere is a French word, from the feminine form of "gardener". Jardiniere has three meanings one of which is - a highly decorative receptacle into which, plants may be placed. -Google) 5 HAND ON HEART 6 WOE 7 OPT-I-MUM 8 TIRAMISU 12 ENDORSE-MEN-T 13 LET OFF STEAM 16 SPLENDI-D 18 WELL_SET 19 SENE-GAL 20 STAT-US 24 OWN