Cryptic Crossword No. 2936 from the Sunday Hindu (2nd April, 2017) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Pamphlet lacking right sensitivity (4)
3. Pro, present before noon, excused (8)
10. Enduring ring receiving private backing (9)
11. Drama about time beginning for convict in nick (5)
12. Film in city following line of people (9,6)
13.French wine consumed by composer feeling sorrow (8)
14. Allow appeal after wave (6)
16.Environmentalists in meagre ensemble (6)
17. Resistance during ritual shaken by new test (5,3)
20.Wife pounds clothing in huge pails, badly short of energy and detergent (7-2,6)
23.Projection? Hard to cut rent (5)
24.Clear about proportion in campaign (9)
25.Thankful to take cover, lying back in grass (8)
26.Feather mostly purple (4)

1.One caught after leading question (5)
2. Lifting mask, in essence, is damaging (9)
4.Idea from sleuth, breaking bulb (7)
5.Favourable record written up before retreat (6)
6.Summarise, in change of tune, vital funding for new business (7,7)
7.Famous piece of music with depth (5)
8.Strange place occupied by nuns in alliance with Capone? (14)
9.Endanger number, supporting spoliation of earth (8)
13.Measure of power mostly absent in performance, dry (8)
15.Spymaster with cruel air, terribly volatile (9)
18.Satisfied agent with tons in shelter (7 )
19. Disregard good number seized by rage (6 )
21.Search, getting bad-tempered, catching cold (5)
22.Material dug up (5)
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