The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2741 (2nd June 2013) (Fillable and with hints and solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE)

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Across:For solution, click here
1. Fail to avoid young lady (4)DOUBLE DEFINITION
3.Mount unlikely check, about work of little value (3,4,3)Not solved
9.Name one volatile gas (4)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (N for NAME+ONE)
10.TV lawyer, character defending army suspect (5,5)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (6-letter synonym for CHARACTER+ARMY)
12.Provider of childish amusement, card giving evidence? (4-2-3-3)CHARADE (4-letter name for A CARD+2,3,3 for GIVING EVIDENCE (in court)
14. Drink from trophy after Cambridge college lost at last (6,3)Partially solved - CHARADE (3-letter synonym for TROPHY)
16.Fortunate? Very possibly (4)DOUBLE DEFINITION
17.Opposed to some in Constantinople (4)CONTAINED INSIDE
18.Volunteers to feed US artist's fish (5,4)Solved with Google's help - TA for VOLUNTEERS+RA for ARTIST Cannot explain the rest)
20.One eager to leave bang on time caught guard breaking into cupboard (5-7)CHARADE (C for CAUGHT+6-letter synonym forfor CUPBOARD+5-letter synonym for GUARD)
24.Drudge recalled being beaten about at home (10)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (IN for AT HOME+RECALLED)
25.First to recognise a French character (4)CHARADE (R for FIRST TO RECOGNISE+UNE for A FRENCH)
26. Weak type, complete killjoy (3,7)DOUBLE DEFINITION
27. Extremely clever? Yes, to some extent (4)CONTAINED INSIDE

Down:For solution, click here
1.Leader of military junta shot head of charging animal (7)Not solved
2.They provide traction, as shown in broadcast about foremost of cars (4,6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (AS SHOWN IN+C (for FOREMOST OF CARS))
4.Clear above top of tower (5)CHARADE (4-letter synonym for ABOVE+T for TOP OF TOWER)
5. One keeping score by enclosure with a felt-tip (6,3)CHARADE (6-letter synonym for ONE KEEPING SCORE+3-letter synonym for ENCLOSURE)
6.Accepted the law needs changing in a protectorate (12)CHARADE+ANAGRAM (6-letter synonym for ACCEPTED+THE LAW)
7.Mould in shed (4)DOUBLE DEFINITION
8.Evergreen, over in glen, I pollarded (4)CONTAINED INSIDE IN REVERSE
11.The enemy is bound to take its toll? Wait and see (4,4,4)Cannot explain
13.Book desolate inn (5,5)CHARADE (5-letter synonym for DESOLATE+5-letter synonym for INN (name of a BOOK))
15.Tell all to move nearer fair (4,5)DOUBLE DEFINITION
19.Contemptible involving Church of England in witchcraft (7)CHARADE (5-letter synonym for CONTEMPTIBLE+CE for CHURCH of ENGLAND)
21.Reportedly distraught playwright (5)HOMONYM (5-letter name of a PLAYWRIGHT which sounds like a 4-letter synonym for DISTRAUGHT)
22.Broadcast about introduction of cigarette lighter (4)CHARADE (3-letter synonym for BROADCAST+C for INTRDUCTION OF CIGARETTE)
23.A single person, out of condition, losing heart (4)CHARADE+DELETION (5-letter synonym for OUT OF CONDITION from which middle letter (HEART) is deleted)
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SOLUTION- ACROSS- 1. MISS 3. Not solved 9. N-EON 10. PER-RY MA-SON 12. JACK-IN-THE-BOX 14. _______ CUP 16. WELL 17. ANTI 18. MAN-TA RAY-S (with Google's help) 20. C-LOCK- WATCH-ER 23. C-IN-DERELLA 25. R-UNE 26. WET BLANKET 27. VERY DOWN - 1. Not solved (M-N-J--) 2. SNOW CHAINS 4. OVER-T 5. MARKER PEN 6. COMMON-WEALTH 7. CAST 8. PINE 11. TIME WILL TELL 13. BLEAK HOUSE 15. COME CLEAN 19. SOR-CE-RY 21. WILDE 22. S-C-OW 23. UNIT