Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2852 (2nd August 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Practical stuff cancelled by law (6-2-4)
9.Slip one amended in letter (7)
10.Hear about old disaster (7)
11.Be nostalgic about small beginnings of some colossal enterprise (9)
12.Drum with robotic uses (5)
13.United in funny old game (4)
14.Variation of heat and cold in test affected (10)
17.Messy machines, retaining approval, puff endlessly (5-5)
18.Slight advance around noon (4)
21.Confused amateur's opening with seconds in meal (2,3)
23.Revolted in end, madly seizing gold throne? (9)
24.Mostly happy with move into south-western city (7)
25.Candidate's source in revolutionary period (7)
26.Drink ordered by dry rancher (6,6)

1.Purveyors of news, as dilemmas developed, losing line (4,5)
2.Thanks given for skill (6)
3.Writer has eagle on rock encapsulating the dynasty (6,9)
4.Set aside wild bunch, broken at end of movie? Right (2,3,4,6)
5.Praise prison reformer taking coffee inside (8)
6.Open vault (5)
7.Fuel's particular job, releasing energy (6)
8.Mostly excited, having time off, receiving book token (6)
15.Devotion in company with saint in French city (9)
16.Stop annoyance and compromise (8)
17.Care order (6)
19.Begin to develop secure financial plan (6)
20.Pests in mood outside room (6)
22.Residue after street collection (5)
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