Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (2nd October 2016) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Move is last of several in trick (8)
6.At a distance from Niagara Falls, looking back (4)
10.Trifling sum made from comic strip (7)
11.King first to believe in cures in medicinal plant books (7)
12.City guides on audio (5)
13.Informer admitting fraud with regret about being storyteller (9)
14.Pest unfit to be cool leader (8,6)
18.Good soldiers, with power at that time in land, set about difficult task (5,3,6)
20.Smell piece of old cloth in country (9)
22.Anxious gamble, starting east instead of west (5)
24.Fuss, blushing about information finally embellished (7)
25.Success whipped up mirth (7)
26.Admire pace (4)
27.Rail service tours are all over the place (8)

2.I cope without an idol (5)
3.Trumpeter stirring mortals, rousing (5,9)
4.Record supported by Republican correct? Shame (9)
5.Raised quote about hard set of principles (5)
7.Tell of unusually absorbing time producing bean (9)
8.Run English class in holiday location (6)
9.Perks, in brief, fine gents exploited (6,8)
10.Comrade with great mansion (6)
15.Play with vessel in laboratory not allowed (4,5)
16.Warder beginning to exaggerate achievement during drink (9)
17.Quest to get attention in school (6)
19.Concern caused by a very loud tune (6)
21.Reminder uncovered around end of meeting (5)
23.Letter from team magistrate turned over (5)
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