Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (3rd April 2016) - Fillable and with hints & solution

This is a web based solver for crosswords developed by Mr.Hari Balakrishnan that lets you directly type and submit the answers. You click on a cell to highlight the word. If a cell is part of both across and down clues, when you click again, it toggles the highlighting. Play with it and send your feedback to puthirmayamgmailcom.

1. Short broadcast including a siren prepared for preliminary event (7-6)
9.Payment to shelter dog not available? Disgusting (9)
10.Odd editor backing protest (5)
11.Just occupied by exercises in public (6)
12.Buy tea, filling bag (8)
14.Leader needing attention, in bad shape and beginning to despair (9)
15.Part of poem originally about lover (5)
16.Comments put forward after reflection (5)
18.Abandoned right purpose, holding weight (9)
20.Charm obtaining access (8)
21.Grow quiet during second defeat (6)
24.Finish on intimate terms (5)
25.Tests to carry out, designed to provide lessons (9)
26.Jumping main hurdles as novelist (6,7)

1.Load vehicle and leave (5)
2.Complaints about awards (15)
3.Run gala badly, becoming gaunt (7)
4.Interact with odd characters out to be smart (4)
5.Incredible article on time put into measurement of water depth (10)
6.Cocktail, rushed, is coming up (7)
7.Mad scandal mayor sorted out for prime minister (6,9)
8.Force here wrecked ancient property (8)
13.React to art reproduced in reddish-brown colour (10)
14.Pass judgement on grammatical structure (8)
17.Faces swimming large lake to reach mountain (7)
19.Politician with anger restricted by American judges (7)
22.Some detest a stew's flavour (5)
23.Root initially under stone I move (4)
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