Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2839 (3rd May 2015) - Fillable and with solution

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1.Recalled interior of cast iron strongbox (4)
3.They'll raise the issue at breakfast, perhaps (10)
10.A bracket holding right light source (3,4)
11.Madman in a cult, deranged (7)
12.Act firmly to gain momentum (3,4,4,4)
13.Cleanser put off squire (9)
15.Former PM, last in Office, by study (4)
17.Cliff's Academy Award: no disc involved (4)
18.Church altar desecrated by an impostor (9)
21.US artist capturing original outpost, depicted as part of a political campaign? (7-4,4)
23.Most conceited adult wearing singlet outside (7)
24.Spotted entertaining male, bachelor, in unlicensed joint (7)
25.Helps left, concludes a deal (5,1,4)
26.Fish in jar with no lid (4)

1.Impressed by eastern flight (8)
2.Newspaper carrying excellent feature (5)
4.One motorway, outdated, brings you to a standstill (7)
5.Last offer (4,3)
6.Chasseur admitting odd tips help to locate game (4,3,7)
7.Turn inwards in car during Manx race (9)
8.Back runner-up? (6)
9.Film studio unsettled Warren Beatty initially, then Rex et al? (6,8)
14.Course artist announced for planner (9)
16.Way in for transport (8)
18.Teach incorrectly about male cat (7)
19.Smith supporter losing capital? (7)
20.Spin altered views before ending of poll (6)
22.Part of home game, last in series (5)
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