The Sunday Hindu Crossword dated 3rd July 2016 - Fillable and with hints & solution

This is a web based solver for crosswords developed by Mr.Hari Balakrishnan that lets you directly type and submit the answers. You click on a cell to highlight the word. If a cell is part of both across and down clues, when you click again, it toggles the highlighting. Play with it and send your feedback to puthirmayamgmailcom.

1.Clean directors have total success (5,3,5)
9.Criminal met hero to make proposition (7)
10.Bow string attached to metal, not unknown (7)
11.Embrace electronic giant (4)
12.Man with ship at sea in simple part of world (10)
14.Pine tree in sound location in California (4,5)
15.Give notice, restricting conflict (5)
17.Film actor free from pressure (5)
18.One old dam cracked, presaging disaster (4-5)
20.Conquering savage to capture hill (10)
22.Promotional piece yielding bravo for Britpop band (4)
24.Flower in spring, not large, in decline (3,4)
25.Employee of coffee shop in Italian city street area (7)
26.Work by Joyce Grenfell initially in broadcast wins a keen fan (9,4)

1.Bag some winnings at Cheltenham (7)
2.Start to express compassion, receiving information in crisis (9)
3.Opening fortified wine (4)
4.Strike on day, thus disrupting joint, showing sign of communism (6,3,6)
5.Historic album, unusually absorbing book on one part of Canada (7,8)
6.Adequate account with chart about church power (10)
7.Urge resistance in disreputable bar (5)
8.Champion fed up before finish (6)
13.Party lashed by wild rain, bane of Scottish city (10)
16.Article on a sundial designed in region of Spain (9)
17.Note to guard against one son becoming prodigal (6)
19.Report flowed, written up with speed (7)
21.Rubbish banter (5)
23.Painful upset for god of love (4)
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