The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2802 (3rd August 2014)(Fillable and with hints and solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE (For solution, click here)

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Across: (For solution, click here)
1.A way into free flight (8)
5.Air in a small French city (6)
10.Carved ornament from southern U.K. pocketed by naughty teen (7)
11.Light tail of gull, an aquatic bird (7)
12.What's left on land surrounding good American resort? (4,5)
13.Poet sure to receive a first from Trinity (5)
14.Free hand in chapter in new tabernacle (5,7)
18.Second long night I worked - doing this? (12)
21.Caught having joint in prison (5)
22.Nonsense about trusted adviser being a bully (9)
24.Tell about swim outside (7)
25.A soldier landed by end of runway demonstrating dexterity (7)
26.Crude burrow close to spinney (6)
27.Has ordered blooming sharkskin! (8)

Down:(For solution, click here)
1.Runs into an aged English poet (6)
2.Under canvas showing purpose? (6)
3.Basic drawing fixes sailing vessel after hitch (9,6)
4.A diamond ring turned up in the end (5)
6.Dishonest financial behaviour in Ireland - young men involved (5,10)
7.Fine quality - for example, in eastern cavalry weapon (8)
8.Ominous, nun going round home (8)
9.Group of characters in river near Xanadu needing help (8)
15.Jointly, move up, secured by rope (8)
16.Fit to drink mineral, or cordial (8)
17.Boss around pit cutting live wire (8)
19.Line street, ready (6)
20.Original piece of cotton fabric taken from drawer (6)
23.Come to an open stretch of water (5)
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SOLUTION - Across - 1 A-VIA-TION 5 A-MIEN-S (with help from Google) 10 NET-SUK-E (with help from Google) 11 L-AN-TERN 12 LONG BEACH (with help from Google) 13 YE-A-T-S 14 CARTE BLAN-C-H-E 18 MO-ONLIGHTING 21 C-LINK (confirmed by Google) 22 TOR-MENTOR 24 B-RE-ATHE 25 A-GI-LIT-Y 26 EARTH-Y 27 SHA-GREEN (confirmed by Google) Down - 1 A-R-N-OLD 2 IN-TENT 3 THUMB-NAILS-KETCH 4 O-MEG-A 6 MONEY LAUNDERING 7 E-L-EG-ANCE 8 S-IN-ISTER 9 ALPH-ABET (With help from Google) 15 T-OG-ETHER 16 A-MICA-BLE 17 DO-MINE-ER 19 ST-RIPE 20 C-RAYON 23 REACH