The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2822 (4th January 2015)

The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2822 (4th January 2015)(Fillable and with hints and solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE (For solution, click here)

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Across: (For solution, click here)
1.Calm, knight and queen about to hang? The opposite (8)
5.Geographical formation in centre of Germany - I very much doubt it contains sulphur (6)
9.Hothead showing sign of emotion on holiday (8)
10.Rush job (6)
12.Bail broken? One makes an excuse (5)
13.Pictured, English editor holding travel document (9)
14.Fruit from Australian state, choice (8,4)
18.Both comrades injured, so out of action (4,2,6)
21.Military command connected with revolution (5,4)
23.The best of Norse literature (5)
24.Apprentice ultimately failing to pass (6)
25.Save bishop in Irish county town, one spreading the Word (8)Not solved
26.On the contrary, somewhat sooner? Quite (6)
27.Shallow type plugging leak (4-4)

Down:(For solution, click here)
1.He painted giant straddling island (6)
2.Sleeveless cardigan lost in Moroccan port (6)Not solved
3.Professional is guarded (9)
4.A vehicle aunt damaged? No idea (1,6,1,4)
6.Former U.S. president, Hoover, say, in to that extent (5)
7.Scandinavian boy and girl, first to identify evil manipulator (8)
8.Gas let off by a politician (8)Not solved
11.Medieval morality play to uplift all of us (5,3,4)
15.Legendary king soon to entertain willing maiden (9)
16.Bird in hot weather diving into English river (8)
17.Disdainful, a bishop over tango dancing (8)
19.Active doctor found in African river (6)
20.Spoil canteen at university (4,2)
22.Sip drop of sherry in gallery (5)
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SOLUTION - Across - 1 TRA-N-QU-IL 5 M-AS-S-IF 9 TEAR-AWAY 10 CAREER 12 ALIB-I 13 EN-VISA-G-ED 14 VICTORIA LUM 18 HORS DE COMBAT 21 ABOUT TURN 23 ELITE 24 E-LAPSE 25 Save bishop in Irish county town, one spreading the Word (8) 26 RATHER 27 S-KIN DEEP
DOWN - 1 TIT-I-AN 2 Sleeveless cardigan lost in Moroccan port (6) 3 QUALIFIED 4 I HAVENT A CLUE 6 A-DAM-S 7 SVEN-GAL-I (Svengali is a fictional character in George du Maurier's 1895 novel Trilby. He seduces, dominates and exploits.-Google) 8 Gas let off by a politician (8) 11 EVERY MAN JACK 15 A-GAME-M-NON 16 W-HEAT-EAR 17 A-RR-OGANT 19 NI-MB-LE 20 MESS UP 22 TA-S-TE