Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (4th October 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Hesitate in front of hero, former champion (4,4)
5.Saloon for instance with favourite floor covering (6)
9.Volunteers express contempt for ban (5)
10.Pass laws with support I condemn (9)
12.Old man, artist with very large sunshade (7)
14.Partner in mood endlessly unprofessional (7)
15.Unhappy with material, so she played an Elvis classic (4,5,5)
18.One with fee cut, faintly troubled, showing weakness (14)
19.Alliance finally became split in vanity project (3,4)
21.In context remembrance is intense (7)
23.New drapes due to be brought round (9)
25.Merely dropping small hint (5)
26.Talk reflected on temperature and effect of sun (6)
27.Area containing Glastonbury Tor seems changed (8)

1.Agitated man set to climb (3,2)
2.Party member's unsparing protest about traitor (7,8)
3.Nonsense about fair and legendary creature? You'll find volumes on it (9)
4.Low point reached by school expelling odd characters (3)
6.Some diplomats easily baffled (2,3)
7.Hasn't fate dealt badly with people in this film? (6,2,3,4)
8.Thinker's article on wild riots (8)
11.Aged drunk bothered noble ruler (5,4)
13.Walk after meal round a point of departure (6,3)
16.Love put into opening tune, English gem set alone (9)
17.Psychic power in strange final period of existence (8)
20.Provoke arguments in hearing (5)
22.Country for example with unknown part (5)
24.Pair united in act (3)
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