Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (5th February, 2017) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Place quote in speech (4)
3.Food shop with variety of hams holding appeal for cookery writer (5,5)
9.Cut, hard, accepted by lord with variable margin (9)
11.Direct association (5)
12. Climbed among debris endlessly (5)
13.Plastic money finally, at that point, used in extremity (9)
14.Commend a fine stirring story by Steinbeck (2,4,3,3)
18.Doctor in no way tires, resolved to show endurance (7,5)
21.Board in reach broken by hand with last bit of karate (9)
23.Manage cheerful approach (3-2)
24.Work out joke (5)
25.Ground that rider regarded as poor (5-4)
26.Notice concerning new row about a hormone (10)
27.Really essential to deliver yorker (4)

1.Classy dancing pro sure to entertain one (8)
2. Book filled with anger was ultimately boring (8)
4. Ideal place kept by Tudor monarch south of river (9)
5.Smart, ignoring time, going over lines in happy episode (5)
6.Term poet changed in fragment, being irritable (5-8)
7.Certainly popular action (6)
8. Appendage on alien insect (6)
10.Filled with fear, criticise criminal since apprehending fraud (5-8)
15.Weed? There'll be awful load in end (9)
16.Was ankle injured in ballet? (4,4)
17.Prediction from man with tips for company after support (8)
19.Airman over area spies shrub (6)
20.Spoil atmosphere, supporting demon (6)
22.Complete group turned up, receiving cheers (5)
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