Solution to Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2835 (published in Bangalore edition on Sunday, 5th April 2015)Fillable and with solution

1.Film a vessel on a river (6)
4.English writer, Eliot, is wandering around lake (8)ANAGRAM of ELIOT IS+L for LAKE
10.In lodgings, one battering burgers (7-8)
11.Exhausted, among a group marooned (9)
12.Enough taste without pinch of salt (5)
13.Striking number heading chart (7)
15.Stop working in retreat (6)
17.Husband leaving nurse in leafy glade (6)
19.Miser, for example, returned, after wages, we hear (7)
21.Independent broadsheet in New York, particularly good (5)
22.Almost read fire-raiser's game (4,5)
24.Plain glass in wagon (7,8)
25.Sling a monitor inside school (8)
26.Scandalmonger, first to get very large drink (6)

1.Inform aircraftman, strikingly old-fashioned (8)
2.Raging at fame, or fat cats , in reality (2,1,6,2,4)ANAGRAM of AT FAME OR FAT CATS
3.Appeared in play - lengthy? Not half! (5)
5.Home Rule appropriate? (2,5)
6.House in county town (9)
7.Right, soft-spoken eccentric, racing (3,5,2,5)ANAGRAM of RIGHT SOFT SPOKEN
8.Trees cut across area used for festival (6)
9.Bang bell cast in iron (6)
14.Blunder by individual turning up hidden bomb, perhaps (5,4)
16.Sweet pendant (4,4)
18.Brief plan to promote actress (Rosalind or Jane) (7)
19.Reportedly dressing well (6)
20.Manipulated SP, once, as a gamble (2,4)ANAGRAM of SP ONCE
23.Snap in suntrap - hot, obviously (5)
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