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1.Mug and flag held by jockey (6)
4.Peering across lake to make out bird (8)
9.Cathedral city's organ fund (9)
11.Opening number covered by funky trio
12.Emergency accommodation when the weather's bad could be no party (3,4,2,1,5)
13.Retort made by dealer, ultimately, to one after Ecstasy (7)
15.Increase pace in the saddle (4-2)
17.In game, cracked riddle (6)
19.Last longer than others where French water treated (7)
22.Where bandits are likely to take your money? (9,6)
24.Article absorbing female drained of colour (5)
25.Vision of gift horse put out (9)
26.Novelist from Maine, close to bachelor girl (8)
27.Lack of interest in a course beginning in York (6)

1.French writer displaying anger after dance (8)
2.Speak about very old area of France (5)
3.Monstrous sisters, thugs holding Greek up (7)
5.Protestant let off scout (6,7)
6.Further publication concerning children (7)
7.Propose appalling reduction (9)
8.Dark logo to be changed - gracious me! (6)
10.At first glance, where are the chronometer's hands? (2,3,4,2,2)
14.Confine drug dealer, clerical worker (3-6)
16.Like a minister, playwright on the radio (8)
18.Found out from good editor about film director (7)
20.Happens to drink after performance (5,2)
21.Incendiary liquid mate used in Vietnam (6)
23.Sense of anxiety in Penang state (5)
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