Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (6th March 2016) - Fillable and with solution

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1.Bar restricts sandwiches (7)
5.Instrument of Ethiopian origin (5)
9.Stand in market and play for time (5)
10.Peculiar part about period custom (9)
11.Holding forth with jibe about search linked to offence (11)
12.Final trap (3)
13.Rough earth behind shelter covered with light, shiny material (6,7)
17.Modern studios sadly not appreciated (13)
19.Witty in speech? It's the whisky (3)
21.Busy river tour is arranged (11)
22.Advance point of view, being content (9)
23.Investigate pair with honour (5)
24.More recent tune we recognise partly (5)
25.Field left in wild condition for advertisement? (7)

1.Next to see bid going awry (6)
2.Tour's leader conducted groups around quiet parts of church (9)
3.Illegally acquired title long abandoned (3-6)
4.Police officer's great purpose securing result (14)
5.Incorrect, first off, under pressure to make projection (5)
6.Cooker fashionable once more (5)
7.Plain vase set aside (8)
8.Engineer sees all in tests for alloy resisting corrosion (9,5)
14.Dubious writings, variable in approach, confused (9)
15.Crossing last bits of slippery marsh, turned up with fuel for boat (9)
16.Put away promising reforms? Not good (8)
18.Agreement when posted (6)
20.Joint venture's ending with large yield (5)
21.Bury regular items in tip, not near (5)
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Created at 21.30 hrs IST on 05-03-2016 (Saturday) from Chennai as crossword was available in The Hindu website at 7.30 PM itself

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