1.Black bird dog (6)
4.Following Carole abroad, two females go away (5,3)
10.Man-made can, origin uncertain (9)
11.Loud argument before noon could make one scowl (5)
12.Landmark built free, to stay at sea (6,2,7)
13. Passageway in pretty empty Scottish town (7)
14. Find seven letters in bureau near this (7)
16.Personal objective in a move that backfired? (3,4)
18.Worker fixed part of phone (7)
20.Soldiers disregard an urge to change (9,6)
23. Nerdy type, unhappy attending party (5)
24.Film noir, too gruesome - American (9)
25.Bride from Welwyn confused journalist (8)
26.Old coin German boy brought back home (6)

1.Some Chablis - sufficient will bring perfect happiness (5)
2.A speech holding duke in high regard (9)
3.Stage turn's mild deception (3-4)
5.Pub licence obtained from council (5,9)
6.Kindly, a fellow in allegory (7)
7.Duck's grim smell (5)
8.Notion which brings an exclamation of surprise (5,4)
9. Shocking union, a seemingly unlikely coalition (6,8)
13.With farming implement, boy makes laborious progress (7,2)
15. Ice, mostly, on top of old Irish lake (9)
17.Cicero's art in prayer room (7)
19.Position of gear in Renault, idling? (7)
21. Owned liberal supply (5)
22.Girl locked up in prison, a suspect (5)
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