Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (6th September 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Horrible stranger's second sin (10)
6.Bitter revolutionary in predicament (4)
9.Projecting part, large one attached to a plant (7)
10.Lie concocted with certain freedom (7)
12.Fight back, restricting opening of secret files (5)
13.Number, day by day in urban area, subdued (5,4)
14.False idol accepted by foolish curates (11)
18.Mad to keep new vehicle around rear of insecure jail (11)
21.Church right with trade union in tendency to show conviction (9)
23.Some campaigns win great change (5)
24.I arrive to unwind in coastal region (7)
25.Outlaw protected by pseudonym mostly in country (7)
26.Promoted thus by lord (4)
27.Colony's resolution (10)

1.Swallow in group coming north over Spain with speed (8)
2.Surprised to get exhausted after a mile (8)
3.Cleric's safe if involved in generous action (4-9)
4.Cook when in decline (5)
5.Give love, seized by urge for glory (9)
7.Company happy about entry form (6)
8.Colouring fading, according to report (6)
11.Essential corruption of a penniless bid (13)
15.Cheer on cue stirring passion (9)
16.Disagreement's very bad in a race (8)
17.Police officer having material on worker? (8)
19.A great many scratches (6)
20.Nonsense from learner following ambition (6)
22.Cut up court? Correct (5) (This clue is missing in on-line crossword)
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