Cryptic Crossword from The Sunday Hindu (No. 2733 of 07-04-2013) (With solution)

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1 Doctor's housekeeper showing strain on motorway express (8,7)
9 Insignificant student, weed, possibly British (5)
10 Queen, new to palace across river (9)ANAGRAM of TO PALACE+R for RIVER
11 Troublemaker in Russian government with new leader (7)
12 Article is written about second research paper (6)
14 Republic created by Romanians after revolution (3,6)ANAGRAM of ROMANIANS
16 A duke in cast is of dubious character (5)
17 Miss Grey, a long time penning note (5)
19 Cheese a representative brought into court (9)
21 Notice one is present in odd radioactive element (6)
22 Boy, reportedly depressed when the day is done? (7)
25 Drunkard spilt a beer in it (9)ANAGRAM of A BEER IN IT
26 Something to eat-poor stuff (5)
27 Poor lad crossing slack tourist centre near Pikes Peak (8,7)ANAGRAM of POOR LAD CROSSING

1 Girl in car on a cliff pointing to island (10)
2 Scandinavian vegetable (5)
3 Raging bull with ear infection (7)ANAGRAM of BULL EAR
4 Deputy, leader of outfit but --! (6-2-7)
5 Chairmen doubt experts (8,7)
6 How a reporter introduces himself to make his mark? (7)
7 Gull in pool, audibly weak, in distress (9)
8 Long? Short period of time (4)
13 Observers near platforms set around the Queen (10)
15 Wrought iron panel, beyond compare (9)ANAGRAM of IRON PANEL
18 Agitator in prison starts to rankle each recidivist (7)
20 Clergyman getting rid of one in church (7)
23 The head associated with 26? (5)
24 Record American lost in field event (4)

Created at 09.00 hrs IST on 07-04-2013

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