The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2820 (7th December 2014)(Fillable and with hints and solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE (For solution, click here)

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Across: (For solution, click here)
1.Deny increase, for example (7)
5.Drink cola, possibly, with shot added (7)
9.Name a song about an antelope (5)
10.Association to raise flag (5,4)
11.Many, in a series, in single file (3,5,7)
12.Ray opted out, or in? (7)
14.Damage what sounds like guide's tent (7)
16.Patent medicine, in no way unusual (7)
18.Soldier, getting married, allowed small cocktails (7)
20.Boat, ketch, sabotaged tense film (4,2,3,6)
22.National park greenest foreign one (9)
23.Top copper back inside? That's easy to understand (5)
24.Severe, the south wind close to shore (7)
25.Keep an eye on screen (7)

Down:(For solution, click here)
1.Explosive piece on top of bed with 100 underneath (9)
2.How movie ends is silly (5)
3.Illicitly take a bit (7)
4.Comment to chauffeur on reaching destination? I don't know what to say (5,3,2,5)
5.Physical attractiveness of a polar bear? (6,9)
6.Honesty, too, in block of flats? Not quite (7)
7.What little girls often do in a theatre? (9)
8.Game - fine cuts for each (5)
13.What convalescent home offers the others parish priests (4-5)
15.Londoner in stormy sea on Boat (4,5)
17.Train always holding one Up (7)
19.Mawkish girl left home (7)
20.Arabs rebuilt Iraqi port (5)
21.A French record, not Shortened (5)
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