The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2781 (9th March 2014)

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1.Cloudless section distinct (5-3)
5.A copper confronting servants demonstrates intuition(6)
9.Preserved meat - sailor's to complain (4,4)
10.Iran, an amazing magical land (6)
12.Story swallowed by an immigrant (5)
13.Force someone to move from vault, gallons having been imbibed (9)
14.Singer Billie's producer, one on a tour? (7-5)
18.Fight ring in nursery rhyme (4,4,4)
21.Work of little merit in vessel,British tanker (9)
23.United at home against last in league (2,3)
24.Diamonds put by carton in fridge compartment (6)
25.Learned to repeat after foremost of lecturers (8)
26.Approached miserly editor (6)
27.Sweatier in resort, so to speak (2,2,4)

1.One about to leave republic to top the bill with another (2-4)
2.Cake Alice baked right (6)
3.Much associated with this outlaw (5,4)
4.Surely incorrect to include companion, but easy to understand (4-8)
6.Church member's appeal (5)
7.Male duck exposes poisonous plant (8)
8.You'll find my charges low! (8)
11.Fruit began to go off in trucks (12)
15.Girl in factory, one on little money (9)
16.A party overcomes tricky point in formal selection of candidate? (8)
17.Song about a lamia, ultimately an object of loathing (8)
19.Shortly extra beer will bring confidence (6)
20.Very bad cut on base of spine (6)
22.Clean bracing air round region (5)
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Created at 08.30 hrs IST on 9th March 2014

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