Cryptic Crossword from The Sunday Hindu (No. 2742 of 09-06-2013) (Fillable and with hints and solution- SOLUTION AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE)

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1.Highest money for those in authority (3,5)
5.Ancient city member in South America (6)
10.Unable to relax in it, church close to Ely (5)
11.White stone in altar base, cracked (9)
12.What can make you be so long adding drop of espagnole sauce? (9)
14.Ring back about one supplying tree (5)
15.Quiten down tailored suit with pink coat? (3,1,4,2,2)
18.Trust able seaman? A loan may depend on it (6,6)
21.Novelist's wrong (5)
22.Club official, person much valued at end of year (9)
23.Dramatist in Bonn working with Jones (3,6)
24. Greek character, the brightest star (5)
25. Level, holding the Parisian football team (6)
26.Chapel H.E. Bates unfortunately died inside (8)

1.Attempt to secure one pound for a du Maurier novel (6)
2.Mischief-maker, almost drunk (6)
3.Skate in narrow beam of light (3)
4.Held a demonstration with foreign despot as target (6,1,7)
6.Certain costermongers in shocking pink argyles (6,5)
7.Quick and energetic, and extraordinarily good (8)
8. Heinous act at Petrograd, say, involving soldiers after revolution (8)
9.Complaint got by one failing to keep joint dry? (5,2,3,4)
13.Ascend during fog and vanish (2,2,2,5)
16. Chapter on mob after second game (8)
17.Opposition of French intended (8)
19.Lapses surrounding old university exam (6)
20.Fleet branch supported by a US lawyer (6)
24.A quiet wood (3)
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