Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2853 (9th August 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Experimental version of Bible, different and great (5-5)
6.Projection from type of poker (4)
9.Rhythm found by trainee endlessly going round enclosure (7)
10.Service involves persuasion to some extent (7)
12.Creator of forgery caught by altering one fruit tree (13)
14.Playing Lear, I will show Shakespearian spirit (5)
15.Appear to grasp full amount, ignoring a philosopher (9)
17.Target provided by colleague, after jibes, having time off (4,5)
18.Window that is large, with nothing right in front (5)
19.Eminent inspector - smart, upper-class one - lost (13)
23.Made western violent, ending in shoot-out (7)
24.Study sign in country (7)
25.Diamonds gleam around enclosed area (4)
26.Newspaper's ways followed by man dividing opinion (10)

1.Roguish star charismatic in part (4)
2.Notice, before speech, habit that's hard to break (9)
3.Huge long stain ruined carpeting (6-7)
4.Spy cheers up, receiving information (5)
5.Waterbirds, unknown quantity, full of appeal and variety (9)
7.Deal with indulgence (5)
8.Democrat, terribly sorry, idle and undisciplined (10)
11.Words of love, unconvincing in wetness, go awry (5,8)
13.Easily controlled, gripped by craze, not at home (3,3,4)
15.Reptile having problem climbing into a good area on hill (9)
16.Bad informer in dreadful dither (5-4)
20.Clean comb (5)
21.Elected, raised support for republic (5)
22.Singular outfit for piece of satire (4)
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