Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (9th October 2016) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Very hot, newsworthy? About right (8)
6.Cut made by journalist (4)
9.Emperor possessed by new manner after revolution (7)
10.Lucky start in combat, then injured (7)
12.Come prepared, correct in food suggestions (15)
13.Break in Croatian resort (5)
15.Mistrusted heads of state unite with alacrity, holding court (9)
17.Artist is overwhelmed by shock valuation (9)
19.One among copies turned brown (5)
21.Film, with fine plot bard concocted, receiving study (9,6)
24.Journals with depth I sign (7)
25.Getting rid of most of our pain (7)
26.Thin list (4)
27.Magician's awful errors probed by church (8)

2.Fundamental carbon in tyre (7)
3.Solid figure, proper, protecting son (5)
4.Agreement arranged once sun's beginning to set (9)
5.Copper getting up, breaking cover? That's clear (5)
6.Cold as shelter in ruinous condition (9)
7.Fertiliser in firm mass on display (7)
8.Start off badly in cast below strength (5-7)
11.Weakness, regrettable in singer, worried agent (12)
14.Commercial appeal in group with northern heritage (9)
16.Incentive to secure advance with love for glory (9)
18.Share skill with a thousand during exercises (7)
20.Writes four essays, initially thoughtful (7)
22.Acts involving singular measures (5)
23.Material used in trial is legal (5)
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