The Sunday Hindu Crossword dated 10th July 2016 - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Upset one saint in costume (8)
5.Forlorn search for second drink (6)
9.Sick heart of artist, revolutionary (5)
10.Bound to follow bad issue (9)
12.Psalm, a bit revised, relating to religious rite (9)
13.Suffer from strain currently (5)
14.Motown star with opinion about Detroit initially in control (6,6)
18.Weapon held by party reversing support for financial statement (7,5)
21.Help in trouble, following Bible (5)
22.Mischievous creature limping endlessly to conceal energy (9)
24.Clip plus last bolt (3,3,3)
25.Plant fears in clan losing regular characters (5)
26.Ready to protect place in disturbance (6)
27.Trail involved great slog with lack of oxygen (8)

1.Collection of facts supplied by sailor while in court (8)
2.Head of state caught in financial difficulty (8)
3.Notice, in river, two bones (5)
4.Maiden in tale, we hear, sadly consuming time in song (6,7)
6.Delight in strange sin, perhaps? Not right (9)
7.Joker in school for a change (6)
8.Concern doctor raised, keeping passion up (6)
11.Item of office furniture reassembled in nice big flat (6,7)
15.Tennis player making new advance in match without resistance (4,5)
16.Agent, deceitful, giving answer (8)
17.Learned about mood in prehistoric time (5,3)
19.Curse a broken dish (6)
20.Left suitable work for computer (6)
23.Letter that's become garbled to some extent (5)
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