Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (11th December, 2016) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Expert carrying weight right away (2,4)
4.Obstinate objections, on reflection, natural (8)
10.Woeful gripe about wicked entitlement (9)
11.Recurring idea in myth emerging (5)
12.Church working to conserve condition with fine fabric (7)
13.Concoction of hot lemon lacking nothing in flavouring (7)
14.Match excludes gymnastic apparatus (8,4)
18.New sharpness in component causing complication (12)
21.Inspector left with novel problem (7)
23.Fearful urge set in motion (7)
24.Work out sequence (5)
25.Playing a viola, not without benefit (2,2,5)
26.Rabbit finally caught by a smarter animal (8)
27.Cure obtained by me in revolutionary therapy finally (6)

1.Factor thatís warped space and time (6)
2.Source of old outfit at home (6)
3.Feature about free trade zone with one leader (9)
5.The group protecting nation and millions with a good method of detection (7,7)
6.Stick to disrupting prohibition (5)
7.Wild dove, enthralling bird above (8)
8.Pointers, small, not required (8)
9.A learner just foolishly assuming old man is philosopher (4-4,6)
15.Settles on sleeveless garment for painting (9)
16.Cheers after check about goal in dispute (8)
17.Loyal from outset, accepting poor law (8)
19.Signal to restrain renegade member of clergy (6)
20.Truly relating to partner (6)
22.Spiritual sustenance essential to human nature (5)
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