Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (12th February, 2017) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Rambling hikers miss engagements (10)
6.Race about in south of France (4)
9.Blemish covered by mother with a cosmetic (7)
10. Bear followed by timid animals endlessly symbolic (7)
12.Wander in crowd, having day off (4)
13.Criticised copy, hurt (10)
15.Horrid to fans, our side lost enthusiasm (3,3,2,5)
18. Important step from fellow in ballet that he adapted (4,3,6)
20.Level with trade union colleague in the end (10)
22.Genuine regret after time (4)
24.Further loan (7)
25.New cadet or old soldier? (7)
26.Clear about nitrogen outside (4)
27.Stamp designed by flower expert (4,6)

1.Gloomy busker's ending with nothing in hat (8)
2. Jubilant hearts lift after start of seasonal occasion in pub (2,7,6)
3. Average spell (4)
4.One made to take blame in a case got badly broken by pressure (9)
5.Record in moment erased (5)
7.Some more chat, too confused, had adverse consequences (4,4,2,5)
8.Cut up, start to exhibit resolve (6)
11. Old, upset, taken in by trick producing negative balance (5,3)
14. Report slug at home (8)
16.Suspect something is wrong with lines in defamation followed by rising cheers (5,1,3)
17.Renegade erred, set adrift (8)
19. Agent bearing remedy (6)
21.Stadium in China renamed (5)
23.Theory supplied by assistant, first to last (4)
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