Solution to Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2835 (published in Chennai edition on Sunday, 12th April 2015)Fillable and with solution

1.Real beano arranged, to include daughter, if back (4,4)ANAGRAM of BEANO+IF+D for DAUGHTER
5.Heartbreaking seeing soldier trapped in overturned vehicle (6)
9.Unfashionable drink, we hear, non-member required (8)
10.Animal from mountain area, tailless cat (6)
11.Fang forming part of tattoo - thug's? (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
12.Pick leader in secret ballot (9)
14.Reasonable reasons to create amusement parks? (11)
18.Betray twin on trial (6-5)
21.Holly, say, perpetually growing (9)
23.A flower emerged (5)
24.US inventor is entertained by English university teacher (6)
25.Snake put away, so relax (4,4)
26.In centre of eastern country, a capital city(6)
27.Exceedingly healthy fine (4,4)

1.Extremely drunk, bishop on top of house (6)
2.Alliance accepting one new country (6)
3.Female, just horrible (9)
4.Wear evening clothes round part of theatre (5,6)
6.Historical object shown by RC priest inside (5)
7.Slope that can get one treading laboriously (8)ANAGRAM of TREADING
8.Tribal conflict surrounding bar raised (8)
13.Soldier in alien region, disorientated (11)ANAGRAM of ALIEN REGION
15.Bond and nasty criminal in a state of readiness for action (2,5-2)ANAGRAM of BOND NASTY
16.One supporting that woman during a depression (8)
17.City in Brazil surrounded by outstanding lake (8)
19.Foolish old man close to collapse after grabbing tail of very small wolf (6)
20.Herb from bog by New England lake (6)
22.Playing organ may cause complaint (5)ANAGRAM of ORGAN
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