Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (12th June 2016) - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Coherent quality in broadcast I idly cut (8)
5.Lie about strength of character (5)
9.Struggle, untrained, to reverse (3)
10.Ponder about alternative hospital for community (11)
11.Nothing in dive except for pub area (6,3)
12.American man with right conduct (5)
13.Strange air, to me, in popular tribute (13)
17.Prepare for action decided by editor in rough sketch (5,3,5)
19.Top grade in final phase (5)
21.Perform within rules, so unhappily lacking perfume (9)
23.Beams from bright sun initially catching opponent (11)
24.Leaders in triumph on reaching peak (3)
25.Variable luck, ignoring tips about plant (5)
26.Mean to protect half of rare fish (8)

1.Sadly dwell on party's end indecently (6)
2.Automobile book, relative gem (9)
3.First performance mostly good and free from faults (5)
4.One fixing problems with nose after time and money (14)
5.Conventional treatment of locum, fair (9)
6.Stand and kick hard (5)
7.Constant, objective university group (8)
8.Stirring words of hero set in outlaw band's domain (8,6)
14.Spoil resolution about start of abstinence with a cocktail (9)
15.Script one prepared for examiner (9)
16.Rough fracas, finally memorable, involving Romeo (8)
18.Bird in very large quarry (6)
20.Film disrupted by an alarm (5)
22.Increased offer is enticing to some extent (5)
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Created at 21.00 hrs IST on 11-06-2016 (Saturday) from Bangalore. As crossword was available in The Hindu website at 6.30 PM itself, the Sunday crossword could be posted on Saturday itself.

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