Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2849 (12th July 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.E.g. first row in examination (7)
5.Longing to join network, about to make entrance (7)
9.Give up project with silly title when receiving nothing (5,2,3,5)
10.Evoke scene of public games and everything (6)
11.Radiation during and following unusual day (8)
13.System of belief in operation aboard holy ship at sea (10)
14.Uncertain moment with judge absent (4)
16.Reportedly pointless blade (4)
17.Flower in good composition held by small child (10)Not solved
20.Diamonds perhaps with justification in item of luggage (8)
21.Good meal for all to see including a cake (6)
23.Poor distracted prude driven to cover one limb (15)
24.Raised band led by sailor in trim (7)
25.Put out from southern source (7)

1.Broadcast cut poor rock (7)
2.Friend wandering after desperate deed without a navigational aid (9,6)
3.Fresh members of team bowled no differently (3,5)
4.Fill column (4)
5.Late supporting round of applause (10)
6.Cautious about alien, upset and weak (6)
7.True supporter prepared for north gets wet (5,2,8)
8.Leave area under cover in boat (7)
12.Restaurant's decline is followed by most of chain (10)
15.Carving giant warped painting up (8)
16.View across middle of grounds with lake and river (7)
18.Land in trouble right after changing cue (7)
19.Fearful bother between son and daughter (6)
22.Composer raised in US evidently (4)
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