Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (13th March 2016) - Fillable and with solution

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1.Optional term otherwise relating to large city (12)
9.Crush good part of orange (5)
10.Attention occupied by work in New York waterway (4,5)
11.Delicate eastern article, not fake (8)
12.Hearts captured by artist with a flower (6)
14.Exposes new troubles (5)
16.Maintain faltering debate, finally lifeless (9)
18.Source of popular fashion followed by worker? (9)
19.County's southern dialect, not northern (5)
20.Cowboy with a cough in a bad way (6)
22.Historic event set down by gospel writer (8)
25.Repose interrupted by coach in control (9)
26.Improve condition in mixture of dye (5)
27.Film from Billy Wilder's collection with skill seen by people time after time (3,9)

2.Singer showing heart of defiance in depth if suffering (5,4)
3.Jockey relieved to be over hesitation (5)
4.Regarding hurt, appeal to stop friend before tying the knot (10)
5.Go on at the end (4)
6.Small turtles, poor pair, grabbed by seabirds (9)
7.Original verse during Christmas (5)
8.Doubtful about facility, brother? Get a mechanic (6,6)
9.Envious, identifies growing ability (5,7)
13.Expert rates stamp poorly (4,6)
15.Cleaner in rush for additional payment (9)
17.Disturbance produced by taint Iago concocted (9)
21.Out of bed and ready for trouble (5)
23.Democrat with drive filled with energy and hope (5)
24.Drooping, walk unevenly (4)
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Created at 21.00 hrs IST on 12-03-2016 (Saturday) from Bangalore as crossword was available in The Hindu website at 6.30 PM itself

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