Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu 13th December, 2015) - Fillable and with solution

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1.One who's accepting large tip, holding ace (8)
5.State in middle of daft business (6)
10.Standard silver working model (7)
11.Sadly alter in becoming dependent (7)
12.Bear forlorn hope within one (6-3-4)
14.Time connected with particular urban area (4)
15.Go with fellows and start to toil in field (10)
18.Financial officers in a mess, party in disarray (10)
19.Elegant greeting in duplicate (4)
21.What's in bulletin about passion and heart of powerful All Blacks? (3,10)
24.Revealed stake in remote settlement (7)
25.Sign attached to your back room full of books (7)
26.Bound stem (6)
27.One name for each child actually present (2,6)

1.Vain men? Failures, left out (4)
2.Worth working on a style that's casual (9)
3.Support objective story (6)
4.Slush and ice initially in projected outlook (14)
6.Drop unfinished argument in high voice (8)
7.Adult insect I found on fruit without core (5)
8.Game with glue and thin piece of wood (10)
9.Singer in broadcast finer than a lark (6,8)
13.Sensational exercises in street destroy our team (10)
16.Wreckage of a ship seen in New Testament book (9)
17.Vehicle owner terribly stressed (8)
20.Poor bloke, not all right after charge (6)
22.Liquid consumed in wide river (5)
23.Colour that's integral to juicy anecdote (4)
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