Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2845 (14th June 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Plant in gale shaken about (8)
5.Crown found in sea with relief brought back (6)
9.Mostly reliable sailor with yen to be alone (8)
10.Accurate child receives prize (4,2)
12.Varied music one's playing, including Fitzgerald? (13)
14.In hearing, regretted being impertinent (4)
15.Structure highly indicative of the present time (5,5)
18.Son tormented an alarmed amphibian (10)
19.Wrong about good omen (4)
21.Nag crazy person to protect box tree (5,8)
24.Second during final round in game (6)
25.Energy in call by hard member of tribe (8)
26.Porter for instance carrying on in language (6)
27.A little match in secret (8)

1.Group of players following ace further (4)
2.Fifty in odd game getting frantic over large prize for winning (4,5)
3.Most recent U.S. city experiment (6)
4.Bishop in association with knight in longing for authority (5,7)
6.Exemption obtained by rascal with agreement (8)
7.Part of plot tidied up, the same as before (5)
8.Soup's sources sound about right (10)
11.Skip college, excited to get hold of new instrument (12)Not solved
13.Artificial distortion of short alien in film (10)
16.Something worn and old in attic was thrown out (9)
17.Magnificent tune rising in force (8)
20.Conclusion not yet decided? No pressure (6)
22.Set compass and wander (5)
23.Tips from witch expertly creating watery liquid (4)
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