The Sunday Hindu Crossword dated 14th August 2016 - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Drainage conduit shut up, second half first (8)
5.Nothing in arena apart from one flower (6)
9.Wet nearly all round island (5)
10.Harbour extremes of ambition with job bringing in silver (9)
12.Academic all shy or nervous about clubs (9)
13.Declared set of furniture charming (5)
14.Certain popular trick experiment accomplished (13)
18.Percussionist playing line gently, even with time running out (6,7)
20.Democrat in error, not following one who's achieved majority (5)
22.Hot joints in westward street unappreciated (9)
24.Pro with merit securing team's first place in Texas (4,5)
25.Bouquet from Casanova, romantic (5)
26.Make many holes in puzzle (6)
27.Note nonsense about man in court (8)

1.Servant in habitual action beneath vaults (8)
2.Consider manner in speech (5)
3.Bad temper in scheme restricting English trade union and church (9)
4.Groggy, finally managed rest after plain old hangover cure? (7,6)
6.Searches for origins (5)
7.One frequently changing ruffled hem on lace (9)
8.Nap in cosiest alcove (6)
11.Weep over good artist, taken in by false prophet, becoming deviser of codes (13)
15.Payment order revolutionary varied (9)
16.Interrupt hurried meal (9)
17.Dealer upset to receive stone for songbird (8)
19.Boss getting resistance after blunder (6)
21.Pull with energy on large cloth (5)
23.Manage to rise above hard time (5)
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