The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2828 (15th February 2015)(Fillable and with solution)

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1.Pitch for all the players (4)
3.Her husband's often away - word is, wag's worried (5,5)ANAGRAM of WORD IS WAGS
9.Album by 1 Across - an announcement at 19, perhaps (3,6)
11.Bar of gold I obtained around noon (5)
12.Went to rear of orchestra pit and played second fiddle? (4,1,4,4)
14.Iberis spread across lake? That's ludicrous (7)ANAGRAM of IBERIS+L for LAKE
16.A fool, cleaner to tell tales (7)
17.The M25, say - what's said about small section? (7)
18.Water lilies - many round practice (7)
19.Awfully ostentatious name for a rail terminus (6,7)ANAGRAM of OSTENTATIOUS+N for NAME
23.Soldier breaking free completely (5)
24.Groom's partner, in good health in gaol (9)
25.Teams go off demonstrating a way of riding (10)
26.Drama in parking place (4)

1.1 There's much talk from me about mad character on TV (10)
2.Volley in Oval's out of place? (5)ANAGRAM of OVALS
4.Disc on new label - sound familiar? (4,1,4)RING for DISC LABEL
5.Small point, say (5)
6.Sporting arena with the ultimate in football on display inside? (5,4,4)ANAGRAM of ARENA WITH THE+L for ULTIMATE IN FOOTBALL
7.Understands about Italian boxer and medicinal drug (9)
8.Possessing ingenuity, lead in Hamlet (4)
10.Listen to all the LP, as good judges do (4,4,5)
13.Loner plays foolishly, in my opinion (10)ANAGRAM of LONER PLAYS
15.Drunken bum's greed overwhelmed (9)ANAGRAM of BUMS GREED
16.Heavenly, Castile, rebuilt to enthral the Spanish (9)ANAGRAM of CASTILE+EL for THE SPANISH
20.With a spherical shape, bored out (5)ANAGRAM of BORED
21.Perfect suggestion over learner driver (5)
22.Girl is touring Rhode Island (4)
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