Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (15th May 2016) - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Inattentive person in shelter arrested by agent with brain (10)
6.Ruler treats army partially (4)
9.Panel uninterested in hearing (5)
10.Soil freshly broken by instrument, not one for volcanic island (9)
12.Playing at pub, lose desire to show rare musical ability (8,5)
14.Popular chef's conclusion, exploiting filling (8)
16.Reset wobbly old record player (6)
18.Settled a craving (6)
19.Greek god's present identification acceptable (8)
21.Range, I note, a varied kind (13)
24.Atmosphere around street connected with trouble back in country (9)
25.Move stealthily and softly, right beside bird (5)
26.Refrain from eating quickly (4)
27.Exercise involves a payment, it seems (10)

1.Leave cab, alas, bit damaged (10)
2.Medium in state having no time for tests (5)
3.Hesitation under pressure confuses crew in boat (6,7)
4.Remake of The Saint? That's doubtful (8)
5.Inclined to keep book on rugby union short (6)
7.Most unruly man communist suppressed (9)
8.Run and help attack (4)
11.Time consumed by renovation of top hotel, home for rock band (4,3,6)
13.Enjoy Welsh broadcast in church leader's name (4,6)
15.Predictions about cutting wooded areas (9)
17.Dish that's first of many set before us in Japanese city (8)
20.Hit barrier, getting over operation (6)
22.Embrace and fuss, then part (5)
23.Part of leg from young elephant (4)
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