The Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2782 (16th March 2014)

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1.Lover's lost love in European capital (4)
3.Leaders, real idiots, in dissaray (10)
10.Agree to study mould (7)
11. I name magazine that's current (2,5)
12.Substantially surrounded by German city church (2,7)
13.Celebrity, first in training to jump (5)
14.Extremely happy, nun once idol destroyed (2,5,4)
18.Stable in eastern walled city (11)
21.Decline drinks, say (5)
22. Thinking back, criminal hid things (9)
23.Check on fatality by entrance to Stormont Castle (7)
24.Cocky type rounded hill, was almost captured (4-3)
25.Cool enough? (10)
26.Male part shortened (4)

1.Flinch in fear on bend (6)
2.Bodyguard died in pit on top of ridge (6)
4.Sister in party dress can (9)
5.What some northerners eat is rubbish (5)
6.Reading this may get one over sin, might we deduce? (7,7)
7.Cooked, covered with breadcrumbs, I turn Aga off (2,6)
8.Tapes wound round small garden plant (5,3)
9.Favouritism in the workplace that does not extend to girls? (4,3,3,4)
15. Bulbs kept initially in paper (9)
16. Old copper writes down eye specialists (8)
17.Flares up over recently stolen photograph (8)
19.Horrified at hag's concoction (6)
20.Prison camp over in Bengal, at Siliguri (6)
22.Muscular dog (5)
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Created at 08.00 hrs IST on 16th March 2014

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