Cryptic Crossword No. 2938\9 from the Sunday Hindu (16th April, 2017) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Scaremonger with anxious air almost devoid of love (8)
5.Colour created by revolutionary artist receiving honour (5)
9.Level about right for one making an effort (5)
10.Get rid of alien, biting back after time (9)
11. Trust date chum arranged came up to expectations (3,3,7)
13.Container ship's contents secured by mate (5)
14.Painting wins top prize finally (9)
15.Tango one faced and accomplished for programme (9)
17.Signify magic formula (5)
18.Clubs with areas developed by resort beside lake with super casino (7,6)
21.Pass finished film (9)
22.Clutch, for instance, ring inlaid with diamonds (5)
23.Number born after revolution in country (5)
24.Spent day wandering to ridge (3-5)

1.Expect quote about old man supporting opponent (10)
2.Adventure novelist's ace tip followed by aviator, endlessly immaculate (8,7)
3.Officer warlike in speech (7)
4.Vapour from south side (5)
5. Beasts attack in area, upset (7)
6.Drink in university with cross and doubtful expression after class (6,9)
7.Smell river with cry of surprise (4)
8.Left gold, last of collection, in reasonable place in Switzerland (8)
12.Rich source, rotter with editor (4-6)
14.Note support and stick up for Canadian region (8)
16.Stare, bewildered about betrayal (7)
17.Don't move prop and frame (4,3)
19.Test muddled old argument (3-2)
20.Search in company with doctor (4)
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