Cryptic Crossword from The Sunday Hindu (No. 2743 of 16-06-2013) (Fillable and with hints and solution)

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1. Way to pay for course (8)
5. Sickness in China? Use antibiotics (6)
10. Leading elected group of people with a common goal (2,5)
11. Check on a dazzling display in carriage (7)
12. Own about fifty in Split? (5)
13. Who lacquers long hair, brushed back? Bank employee, heading off (9)
14. In a procession classes notice? (8,6)
18.Girl with apple shortly to make dessert (9,5)
20. Powerful older woman seen in troika, briefly, during parade (9)
22. Funny turn after onset of dizziness (5)
24. A crime such as this may give one little time to think rationally (7)
25. Vase containing ornate icon showing fabulous creature (7)
26. An ordinary seaman, sailor capsized in front of gondola (6)
27. Person supporting that woman through a depression (8)

1. King entering fray causes a shock (6)
2. Waste year away from Irish county (5)
3. Show clan misinterpreted a form of Langue d'oc (9)
4. For as long as it takes, he'd better not, if worried about it (2,3,6,3)
6. Mindful of a conflict over Ecstasy (5)
7. Tranquil silence, in spite of that on Scottish loch (9)
8. Star in East, twinkling, seen by chance(8)
9. Sea dog's steamer (5-9)Not fully solved
15. Set of rooms beside Thames originally housing soldiers (9)
16. Circular and folder in wastepaper basket (5,4)
17. Sign of wound across one hand cut by this? (8)
19. Earth flat? Most original of theories (6)
21. Children's author almost upset dramatist (5)Cannot explain
23. Invigorating air in heart of blowy region (5)
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