Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (16th August 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Sign in front of camera in broadcast is poor (7)
5.Noah's arranged new start for animals, getting cry of praise (7)
9.Reportedly studies water plants (5)
10.Game and drink after hard work (9)
11.One absorbed by weird topic has to be a nut (9)
12.Projection in line with advantage (5)
13.Unfolded letter, learning about a tense relationship (7,8)
16.Idol, notice, following heart, frequently extreme? Far from it (6-2-3-4)
18.Metallic sound in futuristic language (5)
20.Group of players in short race out of shape (9)
22.Dancer having left Ireland settled in Welsh town (9)
23.Brave saint no longer in prison (5)
24.Unknown vessel with hundred captured by alien being wiped out (7)
25.Little in note about primate (7)Not solved

1.Collapse, losing heart after second doubt (7)
2.Finished dispatch admitting pressure and excessive outlay (9)
3.Food made from dough by middle of day (5)
4.One caring for eyes unaccustomed to Soho lamplight (15)
5.Funny actor, one with company in trendy way giving promise of ethical treatment (11,4)
6.Predicament, having no pence in store for time off when ill (4,5)
7.7 Famous end to novel (5)
8.Complete account on busy place filled with energy (7)
14.Colour, for example, about to be found in fresh linen (4,5) (9)
15.Presenter, tousled initially in dress, deserted place (5,4)
16.Vehicle's driven into horse? Ghastly (7)
17.Selected for service, composed (7)
19.Dispense completely with part of Bible (5)
21.Be gloomy, upset about small location of course (5)
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