Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (16th October 2016) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1. Break shower control (8)
5.Delay brought about by cut in pace (6)
9.Quiet revolutionary in scrap (5)
10.Absolutely out of action? Correct (9)
12.Playing part, is dunce lacking experience? (11)
13.Frighten bovine animal (3)
14.Great stuff about spies, unknown outwardly (13)
17.Thieving identified after match? (5-8)
21.For support, sacrificing pawn (3)
22.Tall plant unfamiliar to me was weed (11)
23.Do I hear weirdly commercial band? (9)
24.Sphere's true mass (5)
25.Place with comfort and delight (6)
26.Warm run with one aim in race (8)

1.Salvage engineers head for scene, prompt (6)
2.Markings persist in varied form (7)
3.Seaside town favoured for special treatment (3,6)
4.Cooked dinner, teatime not exactly known (13)
6.Bitter answer, cold and clear (5)
7.Reasonable soldier accepted by resident (7)
8.Tips from artist on height and width among rewards in courses (8)
11.How rapid news developed about good detergent (7,6)
15.Set aside reins, ever prepared (2,7)
16.Nonsense in court about stage before strike (8)
18.One from Tyneside taking part in binge or dieting? (7)
19.Stop challenging traditionalist (7)
20.Squat saint, rough, ignoring bishop (6)
22.Spirits low on empty days (5)
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Created at 07.30 hrs IST on 16-10-2016 from Chennai

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