Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (17th January 2016) - Fillable and with hints & solution

This is a web based solver for crosswords developed by Mr.Hari Balakrishnan that lets you directly type and submit the answers. You click on a cell to highlight the word. If a cell is part of both across and down clues, when you click again, it toggles the highlighting. Play with it and send your feedback to puthirmayamgmailcom.

1.Conservative with role, say, treated rudely (8)
5.Stratagem using diplomacy in command (6)
10.What's provided with spirit by leading couple in ballroom? (5)
11.Country, miles away, receiving order for cigar (9)
12.Nice siren sadly deceitful (9)
13.Colour in mass of water probed by sleuth (5)
14.Poet losing energy after stuff about gentle steward (6,9)
17.Primate grim until leader reformed (4-6,5)
20.Be quiet and copy form (5)
22.Humorist senses baffled spectators (9)
24.Free area spoilt by litter (2,7)
25.One in white vestment I excuse (5)
26.Young animal in number behind equipment (6)
27.Anger with steamship being redundant (8)

1.Cultivate cause, supporting club perhaps whenever in historic stadium (7,4,4)
2.Notice calling for confession (9)
3.Stumped by project abandoned by large firm (7)
4.Failing circuits reported (5)
6.Train as arranged to become skilled worker (7)
7.Flower in middle of mature border (5)
8.Unusual care artist put into elegant, small features (15)
9.Trouble loosening steel nut (8)
15.Wonder about holding pose, so to speak (2,2,4)
16.Excellent, gripping conclusion of war film, one showing end of hostilities (9)
18.High-pitched voice containing minute quaver (7)
19.Pull fish up on the sheltered side (7)
21.Vote to ignore book award (5)
23.Herb forming part of worthy meal (5)
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