Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (17th April 2016) - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Hissing bird turned and left insect (8)
5.Gathers energy to return prize (6)
9.Mercy one ordered in ritual (8)
10.Hollow case, prosecutor's last (6)
12.Fix article, breaking nothing (4)
13.Cry, dim hope renewed, for syringe (10)
16.Time poorly occupied by game, second in town (9,5)
17.Conservative hurt by insulting campaign to win support (5,9)
19.Golfer modified range, retaining good standard (4,6)
20.Singer back in Scotland (4)
22.Close attention applied to book set in New York (6)
24.Money from gambling factions divided by pub (8)
25.Changing treaty, talk incessantly (6)
26.Appeal to share (8)

1.Instant alternative (6)
2.Exclude piece on universal merit in sedative (11)
3.Caustic substance in tree (4)
4.Novelist showing dynamic front, unusually (5,7)
6.Were tests designed to keep one familiar with urban life? (10)
7.Put away in the attic (3)
8.Damage airman starts to appraise, slowly rattling instruments (7)
11.Prisoner in rage got out of order in assembly (12)
14.Hate man with brutality dispatching one (11)
15.Appalling prohibition I'm lifting, filling a trunk (10)
17.Firm information about year in power (7)
18.Staff brought up and established in county (6)
21.Formerly working with church (4)
23.Routine agreement, no pressure (3)
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