Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu No. 2841 (17th May 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Spirit shown by quartet in Dvorak intermezzo (4)
3.Lyrics by quality poet (10)
10.Retired teacher drinking at college dance (3,1,3)
11.Slim country and western singer with hired killer (7)
12.Gay song in the new musical (8,4)
15.Polish bandleader, Joe, after opening in Gdansk (5)
16.Tenor spots headphones in bins (5,4)
17.Rose, for example, can, cutting track (9)
18.Opening bars of anthem - take it away! (5)
19.Upset client, artist, a musician (12)
23.Composer, extremely diverse, occupied penning most original of songs (7)
24.Man, leader of choir, reportedly pleased (7)
25.Troupe of musicians, male, in street playing lyres (10)
26.Part of a Gibson, say, about to be wrapped in pink paper (4)Not solved

1.Figures great-uncles lost heart performing (10)
2.Film of Ginger Rogers in pool with wartime detective (5,5)
4.Ear, perhaps, for a musical instrument (5)
5.Sell short sad standard (9)
6.Released with Cream hits, second song (5,9)
7.Peculiar piano seat (4)
8.Solo, last from Band Aid? (4)Not solved
9.Canned music producers? (6,3,5)
13.Tidy rapper adapted Beatles record (3,7)
14.Medley master's not arranged (10)
16.Verse form in short hymn I later changed about (4,5)
20.Takes US singer 'Stevie' (5)
21.Faith, for example, shown by a mother (4)
22.Old pop group docked in small Scottish port (4)
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