Cryptic Crossword from the Sunday Hindu (18th October 2015) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.E.g. gorilla's rage aggravated by recording (5,3)
5.Song from soldier perhaps connected with border (6)
9.Livelier book with weight, entertaining one? Right (8)
10.Nothing coming about after call for capital (6)
11.Sleuth in a romp, while confused, retaining edge (6,7)
14.Host in attendance with hesitant expression (9)
15.Animal completely rejected by mother (5)
17.Posed wearing glossy fabric (5)
19.Learns during proper practice (9)
21.Ride wave and react so excitedly (6,7)
24.Calm, fast accepting condition (6)
25.Name a bad revolutionary in great partnership (8)
26.Lie, say, concocted without difficulty (6)
27.Small pincers from fancy set were gripping zipper's head (8)

1.Pass fish (4)
2.Joke with guys in alien gear (9)
3.One following colourist's tips in story referring to touch (7)
4.Ancient hero, spirit broken, beginning to cry (11)
6.Dull, supporting neither side (7)
7.Greeting, in nutshell, oldfashioned (5)
8.Central ground in low resort (5,5)
12.Sweet maiden protected by officer on base (11)
13.Punctuation mark being amended too, perhaps (10)
16.Confidence in promise (9)
18.Essential end of innocence, in fun led astray (7)
20.Spanning time, run into different ideas (7)
22.Devices for fastening hair (5)
23.Muddle becomes simpler to some extent (4)
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