The Sunday Hindu Cryptic Crossword No. 2931 dated 19th February 2017 - Fillable and with hints and solution

This is a web based solver for crosswords developed by Mr.Hari Balakrishnan that lets you directly type and submit the answers. You click on a cell to highlight the word. If a cell is part of both across and down clues, when you click again, it toggles the highlighting. Play with it and send your feedback to puthirmayamgmailcom.

1.Bishop managed church department (6)
4. Taste article, soft and dainty (8)
9.Share speech, omitting nothing (6)
10.Prompt start of medication with iodine in present (8)
12. Airman, quiet during praise for achievement (14)
14.Deliberate deception by minor communist (10)
16. Passage without a key? (4)
18.Wrong weight in your answer, on recollection (4)
19.Catch in complicated test we love (10)
21. Banter about disturbance thus followed by anger in film (8,2,4)
24. Appeal occurs during tea with mother (8)
25.Clubs with permission split (6)
26.Establish communication finally in alien language without force (8)
27.Notice opening time before Christmas (6)

1.Official objection about a cure mixed with radium (10)
2.Cheers up with mark of approval mostly for loft (5)
3.Peculiar whim once resulting in dish with noodles (4,4)
5. Public statement with force concerning rent (5,7)
6. Mystery unravelled in game (6)
7.Popular ideas on changing nation (9)
8.Make name following attention (4)
11. Band foolish to welcome fad (9,3)
13.Hamlet? Singular part, enthralling time after time (10)
15.Direction from another wayward saint (5-4)
17.Mixed signals, initially, bad mood caused (8)
20.Cook book put up (6)
22.Silly part of screen animation coming up (5)
23.Time to go north around cold area (4)
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Created at 08.30 hrs IST on 19-02-2017 from Bangalore

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