Cryptic Crossword No. 2935 from the Sunday Hindu (19th March, 2017) - Fillable and with hints and solution

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1.Lizard with energy grabbing bite, not quietly (5)
4. List containing tips from epigram and poem, for example (4,5)
9.Soul accepting falsehood, very trusting (9)
10.Rotten part of frivolous yarn (5)
11.Malevolent creature concealed in flower (6)
12. Perfectionist beginning to sob, heart broken by learner (8)
14.Singer, sober, moon in sky affected (6,8)
16. Anxiety about half of work, obscure, with a line lacking depth (3-11)
20. Confirmed time established in arrangement of date (8)
21.Piece of jewellery I love in artist's workroom (6)
23.One surrounded by cheers, sun god in crown (5)
24.Engine with extremes of power breaking bad robot up (9)
25.Silly aim oddly receiving resistance in like manner (9)
26. Treacherous person lacking wide support (5)

1. Great upset over book about ape (6)
2.Fellow in fantastic form, calm doctor in comic novel (4,7,4)
3.Honour large venture, right away creating monument (7)
4. Bar protest (4)
5.Guide for sailors with happy hearts on river (10)
6.Prophet in endless pain in country (7)
7. Rules applied unfairly in tennis match perhaps restricting quality (6,9)
8.Los Angeles group engaging you for hairdresser's work? (8)
13.Pretty tense, in a mess without new compositor (10)
15.Opponent disrupting last broadcast in lost land (8)
17. Position during delay (7)
18.Result revealed approach (7)
19.Politician inhibited by sign about rising force (6)
22.Become strained and fight (4)
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