Solution to Sunday Hindu Crossword No. 2837 (published in Chennai edition on Sunday, 19th April 2015)Fillable and with solution

1.Crimes committed with collusion behind bars, damaging pieces of work (6,4)
6.Mark causing alarm, no end (4)
9.Helps a farm labourer after loans (5,1,4)
10.Indian's home, Central America (4)
12.Typical member of parliament, perhaps (14)
14.A Spaniard, and native of one African country, heading off (7)
15.Racing driver we upset during launch (7)
16.Girl with mate back on one of the Canary Islands (2,5)
19.Clown making most of mistake in part of theatre (7)
21.Lawyer Perry and policeman George on course for state boundary (5-5,4)
23.Crucifix over entrance (4)
24.Free enterprise supporter in Moscow, say, is tense (10)
25.Pay close attention to college turning (4)
26.Daily row about Germany's leader, not a real threat (5,5)

1.Disliking work, I must get led astray (4)ANAGRAM of I LED
2.Seeing that about open (7)
3.Lies stranded, unfortunately, in remote spot (6,6)ANAGRAM of LIES STRANDED
4.Lexicographer producing Gospel, very new (7)
5.Fruit bats (7)
7.Insincere talk in a rural Mexican bar (7)
8.Official car leaving property (4,6)
11.Cook so keen to make a flan (8,4)
13.Foolish male, fellow crossing one place in field (5,3-2)
17.Faint in narrow defile abroad (4,3)
18.Jumping bail, seaman, a pantomime hero (3,4)ANAGRAM of BAIL A+AB for SEAMAN
19.Papers supporting professional image (7)
20.Rating showed card (7)
22.Ringo, short celebrity (4)
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