The Sunday Hindu Crossword dated 19th June 2016 (19 SM P.6 Crossword) - Fillable and with hints & solution

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1.Topple record in bout (6)CHARADE
4.Revolutionary artist with stern passion (6)CHARADE
9.Prisoners exercise force (9)CHARADE
10.One assisting abbot earlier (5)
11.Film derived from grand hit, say, had worked (1,4,4,5)ANAGRAM of GRAND HIT SAY HAD
12.Letter, last of sequence by saint in stack (7)CHARADE
13.Resentment created by faulty information about love (7)CHARADE
15.Idol in company with time for cigar (7)CHARADE
17.Finish without large fight (7)CHARADE+DELETION
18.Fussy, done with detail (4-10)CHARADE
21.Dog going round in big rocket (5)CONTAINED INSIDE IN REVERSED
22.Dossier about dodgy scam I copy (9)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of SCAM I
23.Talkative, spiteful, interrupted by husband (6)CHARADE
24.Strain shown by architect connected with church (6)CHARADE

1.Take off from landing place (4)DOUBLE DEFINITION
2.Calling after drink for end of joke (9)CHARADE
3.Planet mostly at one concerning aim for population limit (10,5)CHARADE+DELETION
4.Cross ground one day, bearing north (7)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of ONE DAY
5.Remain hard up due to struggle as novelist (6,2,7)ANAGRAM of REMAIN HARD UP DUE
6.Employing some devious ingenuity (5)CONTAINED INSIDE
7.Led to suffer under sorrowful burden (6)CHARADE+ANAGRAM of LED
8.Creep nervously round trap, lifting cover (8)CHARADE+REVERSAL
12.For chance to reform, giving up following trespass (8)ANAGRAM of OR CHANCE
14.Height of delight about English verse (9)CHARADE
16.Careful - your old-fashioned clothing split (7)CHARADE
17.Confirm chlorine measurement (6)CHARADE
19.Soil in shortage lacking depth (5)CHARADE+DELETION
20.Border rising involving small network (4)CHARADE+REVERSAL
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